Soleil is an American cognitive (psychological) magazine focused on millennial culture and fashion based in New York. Soleil Magazine is directed primarily towards the millennial lifestyle and those looking to apply the different doors of the perception of the world. The magazine was founded in 2017.  


A few years back I spent some time in a psych ward as an observer.  It was in the South of France called Saint-Paul Asylum, Saint-Rémy. There I met the most interesting women who were being rehabilitated.  Their issues were unknown.  Listening to the psychologist explain the place where Van Gogh spent his last few years was enthralling.  Before attending art school I studied psychology and after being in France shooting these women I wanted to find a way to incorporate photography and therapy.  This magazine in a way is therapy.  The theme of this magazine is to have a complex and psychological twist in ways to interpret art. We want our contributors to think outside the box. I find art a way to conquer fears and allow people to find themselves.  


To create a more focused outlet for young creative minds. A collaboration of visual and literary ideas whose creators are connected by a similar vision.  Something you can feel the workflow through you when it’s held. People should pick us up because in a sense it can be therapeutic. It helps you proceed things differently, changing the way people think and see the world around them.  Not talking but engaging forecasting, trending, up to date in the now! We are redefining millennial through technology, art, and fashion! Our generation our time!  This magazine will be seasonal and the next issue is Fall.  The theme entails Wes Anderson palette and Greek Mythology. (e.g; Persephone & Hades as previously mentioned)