Mouths Full of Fire

Life is a mysterious maze full of rumors.

Venus fly traps of negativity can be found hidden, lurking in many possible directions.

They crawl, begging for help on occasions, and once you lower yourself, they snatch you up,and tug at your mind and body.

Every so often, I can feel my knees give in under myself, and I’m being pulled into the ground.

I’d become blinded to what’s around me, but still, my heart would claim it knows not others true intentions, but simply my own.

And that is to allow my touch to spread electricity, instead of harboring secrets, throughout the folds of my ever changing exterior.

Deep, tangled wires, and exposed circuits push against my skin, 

To speak and to provide warmth through words and phrases, yet, have enough energy to expel flames of emotion,

Burning even the most vigorous of homes.

My tears become replaces by gasoline, and my mouth full of fire.


by Elle Sanchez